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Smart Green Industrial Complex: Hub of the Green New Deal in Saemangeum

Initiatives representing the Korean New Deal are in operation or being planned in Saemangeum, which include Green Energy, the Smart Green Industrial Complex and Eco Future Mobility. Saemangeum is considered as an ideal site to operate the pilot Green New Deal initiatives as a large-scaled renewable energy complex is located adjacent to the industrial complex and the town in Saemangeum.

About the location

The Smart Green Industrial Complex is being established as a green energy cluster among industry, academia and research, which is capable of developing human resources, evaluating technology and providing the research infrastructure. Operation of eco self-driving tour buses is being expanded, which connect major tourist destinations including Gogunsangundo with beautiful scenery and the world's longest Saemangeum tide embankment in the Guinness World Records. The testbed for unmanned self-driving cars is being built for the development of mobility technology, and the renewable energy-themed complex is being developed to provide experience and education. The Smart Green Town will also be built by the public sector, and the urban infrastructure and buildings in the Town will be equipped with digital technology and green energy systems.

Site Overview

  • Location : 0.28m2, Ground Zone 3
  • Scope : 30MW of Ground Photovoltaic
  • Roles and Responsibilities :
    - SDIA: administrative and policy support
    - SDCO: public invitation and engagement in the project
    - Business (to be selected): attraction of RE100 businesses, etc.
  • Description : Supply renewable energy to RE100 businesses of Smart Green Industrial Complex (Zone 5 & 6)

Key Highlights

  • Development of a green hydrogen production cluster
    • Build a water electrolosys system with the annual hydrogen production capacity of 15,000 tons, and build the foundation for business support by establishing the business cluster and the integrated support center
  • Building of the RE100-based Smart Green Industrial Complex and the ecosystem of new industries including digital and green energy
    • Designate Zone 5 & 6 of Saemangeum National Industrial Complex as the nation's pilot Smart Green Industrial Complex under the Industrial Sites and Development Act by March 2022; and operate the nation's first direct transaction system for the pilot RE100 power purchase contracting project
    • Adopt an investment promotion district where various incentives for investors are provided to attract strategic industries to the industrial complex; and build an intelligent power grid, smart logistics and traffic infrastructure and the foundation for green hydrogen production by 2024

Development Plan (Saemangeum Green & Smart New Deal)