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South Korea's First National Artificial Intelligence Industrial Convergence Complex

"The National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industrial Convergence Complex will be built in Cheomdan District 3 in Gwangju, having an infrastructure for start-ups, research, and human resources development, as well as a world-class artificial intelligence data center. As the AI-based core infrastructure of the Republic of Korea, Gwangju's AI industrial convergence complex is expected to become a forward base, helping the Republic of Korea leap beyond the information and communications powerhouse in the post-Covid-19 era into an AI powerhouse.”
(Quoted from President Moon Jae-in’s congratulatory speech at the launching ceremony of the national AI data center, Feb. 4, 2021)

The national AI industrial convergence complex will transform the regional industrial structure centered on the manufacturing industry into a future-oriented industrial structure by linking with Gwangju's flagship industries such as automobile, energy, and healthcare. Through this, the national AI industrial convergence complex will become an outpost to create the basis for sustainable and stable future growth.

The national AI industrial convergence complex, which will be built in Cheomdan District 3 in Gwangju, has a land area of 46,200 ㎡ and a building area of 24,820 ㎡. The industrial convergence complex is designed to build a space to create synergy through mutual communication and cooperation, and an AI-specific infrastructure such as a data center and research center. Also, it will promote AI convergence R&D and corporate growth by focusing support on startups and education. Through this, technology, manpower, and companies will come together in the national AI industrial convergence complex to create a small ecosystem of artificial intelligence industrial convergence. Indeed, Gwangju's AI industrial convergence complex will set a good example for Korean AI companies to follow.


The national AI industrial convergence complex to be built in Cheomdan District 3 in Gwangju has accessibility to the Jingok Industrial Complex, Hanam Industrial Complex (automobile), Cheomdan Industrial Complex (energy, healthcare), and the Cultural Industry Investment Promotion District (Cultural Content). And related major companies include Samsung Electronics, LG Innotek, and Kia Motors. In addition, various transportation infrastructures such as Honam High-speed Railway (KTX) and five expressways, Gwangju Airport, Muan Airport (international airport), Gwangyang Port, and Mokpo Port increase accessibility to the national AI industrial convergence complex.  

Key Highlights

  • National AI data center
    • The world's 10th-class data center in terms of computational volume (computational capacity 88.5 PF, storage space 107 PB)

    For companies that develop AI products and services, the national artificial intelligence data center provides various services from computing power (IaaS) for AI learning and inference to various software (SaaS) required for the development of AI products and services, which helps companies develop AI products and services swiftly and stably.

  • Creation of an AI investment fund worth KRW 109.8 billion (Nov. 2021)
    • Completed investment of KRW 27.1 billion as of the end of Feb. 2021

  • Artificial intelligence companies and experts that can cooperate
    • 81 AI-specialized companies (concluded an MOU in Gwangju City, as of Feb. 3) and produce 360 AI professionals per year

    Starting with 155 graduates of the Gwangju Artificial Intelligence Academy, which opened last year, Artificial Intelligence Graduate School and AI Convergence College of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), and specialized training for incumbents will nurture 3,000 artificial intelligence (AI) talents over four years.

  • Accessibility to other industrial complexes that can be connected
    • Located in Gwangju R&D Special Zone (Cheomdan Industrial Complex, Jingok Industrial Complex, Nano Industrial Complex), Photonics Industrial Integration Complex, Cultural Industry Investment Promotion District

  • Public facilities and private companies to provide support
    • Public facilities such as Gwangju AI Startup Camp, Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center, Gwangju I-Plex, K-ICT Mentoring Center, and private companies that can provide professional services such as accounting, patents, and laws are located.

Location overview

National AI Industrial Convergence Complex

  • Construction period/location : ‘20~’23(4years)
  • Location : Cheomdan district 3, Buk-gu, Gwangju
  • 1st site: : 46,200㎡(total area : 25,430㎡)
    - Data center(3,144㎡), research space(12,125㎡), startup space(10,161㎡)
    * expansion site : 3,600,000 ㎡ in total of Cheomdan district 3
  • Transportation infrastructure : - Honam High Speed Rail (KTX): 18 km (20 minutes distance)
    - Expressway: 6 km (9 minutes distance)

Site Development Plan (Entire Cheomdan District 3)

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Type Composition Ratio(%) Note
Total 100.0 -
Industrial Facility Site
32.9 Manufacturing·Research
Greenery Site
21.4 -
Housing Construction Site
15.1 7,778households
Commercial Business Site
2.3 -
Other Public Site
28.3 -