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[Dae-gu]Seongseo 5 High-tech Industrial Complex

Seongseo 5 High-tech Industrial Complex is the best eco-friendly industrial complex in the City that has created an high-tech industry cluster through excellent corporate network with large-scale Seongseo industrial complex, Daegu Technopolis and Daegu Science Park.

The hub of high-tech industry belt of Southeast region of Korea

  • Vision : to become a R&D hub of Southeast region of Korea
  • A future-oriented high-tech advanced science city where residence, commerce, education, culture and leisure are in harmony with government-funded research institutes, science and engineering colleges and advanced companies.
  • Develop a self-sufficient city with advanced ubiquitous infrastructure and pleasant living environment for the projected population of 50,000.
  • Location : Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City
  • Area : 1,466,629㎡ (industrial land 46%, parks and green spaces 21%, public facilities 20%, others 13%)
  • Project period : Jan. 2007 ~ Jun. 2012 (Possible to move-in immediately)
  • Target business : advanced sectors including machinery and metals, electric and electronic and ICT and medical industry.

High-tech industry cluster of large-scale industrial complex and educational research facility

  • Industrial complex : Situated closely (3km) to the Seongseo Industrial Complex (3,260,000 pyeong) and created a high-tech industry belt with Daegu Technopolis and Science Park.
  • Educational institutions : Secured abundant human resources from industrial, academic and research universities including Kyungpook National University and Keimyung University.

Best eco-friendly industrial complex in the City

  • Beautiful and clean environment surrounded by Geumho River and Gungsan Mountain.
  • Parks and green spaces account for 21 percent of the total area, which minimizes carbon emissions.

Easy accessibility

  • 10km away from the city hall, close to the subway station (line number 2)
  • Highways, namely Gyeongbu, Jungang, Guma, and 88, accessible within 10 minutes
  • Favorable business environment with Daegu international airport, DongDaegu station (KTX), Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center (EXCO) within a 15km radius
  • 30 minutes away from Gumi Industrial Complex, and an hour away from Pohang port, Ulsan port, and Pusan Newport International Terminal

Bird’s Eye View of Seongseo 5 High-tech Industrial Complex

Land use planning map