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[Chungnam]Development Project for Anmyeondo Island Tourist Attraction

Strong Foundation

Creation of the world's best four-season luxury resort in the wonderful natural environment

Project Overview

  • Location : Around Seungeon-ri, Jungjang-ri, and Sinya-ri of Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Facility Planning : Theme park, Training center, resorts, and golf course (18-hole)
  • Current Facilities

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    District Area(㎡) Appraised value of land
    (KRW 1 million)
    Main facility Remarks
    Sum 2,990,152 182,305
    District 1
    (Theme park)
    398,111 112,573 Theme park & Water park, parking lot, premium outlet, condominium Currently, private investments are induced
    District 2
    (Training center
    431,761 15,671 Two places for training center, shopping center, waste treatment facility Training center of the Ministry of Economy and Finance expected to be built
    District 3
    563,085 19,520 Condominium, shopping center, observatory Currently, private investments are induced
    District 4
    (Golf course)
    1,597,195 34,541 Golf course (public) 18-hole, Condominium, Club house, shopping center Currently, private investments are induced

  • Investment conditions
    • Transportation infrastructure including Seohaean Expressway and a sea- crossing bridge between Anmyeondo Island and Boryeong
    • Large background market: metropolitan region (23M population) and Taean- gun tourists (11M/year)
    • Development of complex tourist attractions linked with surrounding tourist regions including Taeanhaean National Park
    • Most of the project land is state-owned property (about 98%), which facilitates project progress.
  • Planned Investment : KRW 1.474 trillion (public investment KRW 141 billion, private investment KRW 906.4 billion)