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Innovative Growth Forum
  • Date

    : November 3, 2021 (Wed.), 06:00~08:00 (GMT)

    • * Additional transmission and replay will be provided after 7 hours and 30 minutes (Europe) and 11 hours and 30 minutes (North America) for overseas viewers.
  • Access : Broadcast • Online (ArirangTV, IKW website, YouTube etc.)
  • Note : Presentation on the innovative growth strategy in Korea and plans for the high-tech industry and business collaboration opportunities
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Time Event Details Note
IKW2021 Opening
  • 02’ Intro VCR Forum Theme Video
  • 03’ Studio Opening President
    of Invest KOREA
    and Moderator
  • 05’ Presidential Congratulatory Speech -
  • 05’ Opening Remarks President & CEO
    of KOTRA
  • 05’ Congratulatory Remarks by the CEOs of Global Enterprise/Institution ARM, Merck, WAIPA
[Session 1] Change of Global Investment Environment and Innovative Growth Strategy of Korea
  • 15’ Special Talk with a Scholar of
    Transportation Geography - Changes in the global economy and possibility of Korea as a factory for the high-tech industry
    Jean-Paul Rodrigue
    Professor, Hofstra University
  • 10’ [Video] Bio Industry Trends of Korea(02’)

    [Special Talk] Partnership with K-Bio and Global Vaccination

    Robert S. Langer
    Professor, MIT Founding Member
    and Director of Moderna
  • 10’ [Presentation] Korean New Deal and New Deal Fund Wook Shin
    Manager Korea Growth
    Investment Corporation
  • 07’ [Site Visit] Prospects of Future Mobility in Korea and Demand for Cooperation - Interview with 2021Hydrogen Mobility Show, Hyundai Motors, Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association Interview Video
  • 10’ [Presentation] Vision of K-Semiconductor Industry and Global Growth Strategies Yang-paeng Kim
    Senior Researcher Korea Institute
    for Industrial Economics & Trade
[Session 2] Panel Discussion: What are Korea’s future plans in the post-/with-COVID era?
  • 45’ Discussion Topics - Post COVID-19, What’s next for Korea’s economy? - The meaning of the Korean New Deal policy in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - The attractiveness of Korea as an investment destination for future industries
    Panel List - Sean Blakeley, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea - Francis Van Prays, Vice President Commercial Asia-Pacific of Cytiva - Mark Bueltel-Herz, Vice President of BASF company Korea - HakanCervell, President & CEO of Ericsson-LG - Jim Falteisek, President of 3M Korea
    Commissioner of Invest KOREA
* Subtitles in Chinese, and Japanese will be provided
* Program and details may be subject to change without prior notice